Domestic Goddess Manila Origin Story

I was a unit sales manager for consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble for 9 loooooooong years, handling the biggest distributors and retail accounts in the country. I have always been a slightly temperamental overachiever perfectionist, and when I had to perform the dual role of climbing the corporate ladder and starting a new chapter in my life as a mom, I became miserable and guilt-ridden. My passion for achieving business results slowly shifted towards longing to spend more time with my daughter. My enjoyment for out-of-town conventions slowly transformed into counting down minutes until I can be home again with my daughter. And it sucked. Twice, I attempted to move to project management roles that required less travel and more regularity in schedule, but was consistently blocked in both instances by the company’s HR. And so in 2011, I decided to leave the corporate life to spend quality and quantity time with our 2 daughters.

I must admit, I was a bit lost and uneasy at first, not having to wake up to an alarm and having no work agenda to stress over. After a few months, I got pregnant with our third child. It was a breeze because our loyal like-family more-OC-than-me nanny and home manager Ate M., who’s celebrating her 20th year with our family tomorrow (16th of August 2015, as of this writing), was with me since our firstborn was 2 months old (I pirated her from my mom). But last summer, she filed for indefinite, but slightly permanent Grandma-ternity leave. Her family circumstances forced her to come home and take care of her 3-year-old grandchild and another one on the way. It coincided with our other household staff’s planned vacation and left me in a no-maid, no-nanny situation with my 3 kids aged 6, 4, 1+. I never got myself involved in the micromanagement of our household, and so my world topsy-turvied as I tried to figure out where kitchen utensils, baby essentials, and everything else were stashed. On top of having to wake up early to prepare breakfast, get the house cleaned up, laundry washed and hung before the kids wake up. These were activities I didn’t have to attend to when trusty Ate M. was here and running our household. My other household staff eventually returned from her 5-month vacation (yes, seriously, 5 months!) and I found a new nanny who agreed to a one-year contract that ended just this May.

Through this experience, I started seeing a lot of things I could improve in the home (and started seeing a lot of things I needed to fix as well) and started Googling for solutions. I researched and found a lot of helpful blogs of stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs) from the U.S. but none of the home solutions they had can be sourced locally. I had to search for similar stuff in home stores, hardwares, and bookstores. I tried looking up mom-blogs locally, but most were lifestyle blogs that talked about fashion, events, and food. I need solutions to my OC mom problems!

I want to share the home and baby solutions I have discovered as I embark on my second season of no-maid-no-nanny-just-Mommy. It might just help y’all moms out there in need of a little superpower and a bit of fairy dust to give the best life for our little ones!


15 August 2015