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Zero-Waste Challenge at a Children’s Fast-Food Party

When I booked a year-end party slot last January, I wasn’t really planning on any theme. But I endeavored to organize a #ZeroWasteChallenge Year-End Class Party in line with March 15 #FridaysForFuture in McDonalds. I figured a tactile, small-group activity would be engaging and fun for the kids, but how do I make it all eco-friendly, especially in a fast-food restaurant?! Read Full Article

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The M.O.M. System: Mothers’ Operations Management

You won’t believe how many times I’ve searched for systems and solutions other parents use for childcare, chores, cleaning, household management, and the list goes on. And many times, I’ve found myself improvising and developing a system that works for me. I guess it puts to good use my talent in organizing, creating systems, training, and capability development. Even with household chores! And that is what I call consistency in values. Overachieving in school, career, motherhood, and now in household chores. Read Full Article

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Top 10 Reasons Why We Miss Preschool

I probably would’ve earned a PhD in Preschool Parenting, had there been such a thing! These years were formative to my children’s confidence and social maturity, and I wanted to be part of it. I have been a preschooler’s Mommy for the last 7 consecutive years (with my 3 kids’ preschooling combined), and when my son moved up from preschool, I suddenly realized that I was also FINALLY moving up! Read Full Article