Don’t Miss a Shot: 2017 Immunization Schedule

I’ve written about Childhood Immunization back in 2015 and shared how I keep track of my 3 kids’ schedules. If you have kids above the age of 2 years, you’d be surprised to know that 2 more vaccines have been added to the recommended schedule for Dengue (still controversial) & Japanese Encephalitis, given the increasing cases being reported. So if your kids are under the age of 18, best to review this schedule to see which vaccines still applies to them.

The first vaccine my babies received was for Hepatitis B. The shot was documented by the administering pediatrician in their Baby Books. Tracking the immunization schedule was easy enough for one child, but it got trickier to take mental notes with each new baby. And each baby was also given a different kind of Baby Book, depending on which pharmaceutical company is sponsoring the free record books, each having a different format for the immunization records. This made it trickier to compare and track their schedules, added to the fact that there are continuous updates on the number of primary doses (e.g. Rotarix from 2 to 3), and even varying recommended ages for being vaccinated. But this is the first time in the last decade that I’ve experienced additional vaccines in the recommended list, and 2 at that!

I have been searching for a standard immunization record form for the Philippines, but sadly, I did not find anything similar to the first-world countries’ government-issued immunization card. I wish the Philippines had a standard immunization card issued by all hospitals and health care centers to newborn babies because this vital health information is often required by schools, hiring companies, and immigration authorities.

To put sanity into tracking vital health information, I created my own immunization tracker card, printable on 4×6 index cards. The tracker makes it easier for our pediatrician and I to track and discuss the next vaccination schedule for each child, which is scheduled in my digital calendar as well. I keep a printed master copy for each baby, which I update by hand. I also have a digital file that I also update as backup. That way, I never have to worry about missing a shot!

Sharing with you a copy of my immunization schedule:


For more information about the latest vaccines, it is always best to consult with your children’s pediatrician. You may also visit as reference for your queries.


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